What should you do first when you decide to build a custom home?

You should start by consulting with one or more building professionals to help you understand the complete scope of your project. You have most likely looked at new homes but have not found what you are looking for in the area you wish to live. Before you purchase your building site or decide on a home design let the professionals at Eastman Builders help you with these decisions. We offer these consulting services with no obligation to help you select the best lot for your custom home.

Once your land or lot has been secured we can provide complete design services and construction documents tailored to your site. We can obtain all required engineering services as well as apply for all necessary permits and neighborhood approvals. Our professional decorating team will help you choose all your materials and fixtures to give you the confidence that your home will be built to your satisfaction with the quality items you have pre-selected.

Let Eastman Builders be your guide to a rewarding home building experience.