If you need house plans tailored for your lot we offer in house design services. We design all our homes with full 3D modeling software so you can see your new home inside and out before you build. An added benefit to 3D modeling is that features of the design can be viewed and analyzed both by the designer for accuracy but also by the client to help assure satisfaction.

The 3D model can be checked for interference and details so that each plan works before we build. Complete framing plans can be produced to aid with construction and material estimates. Each plan can be fully furnished in 3D and those “special” pieces of furniture can be replicated to scale to assure your treasures will be accommodated.

The price for our 3D plans is competitive with standard flat plans but the value is far greater. If you already have your house plans we can provide a 3D model of a single room or your entire plan.

Call us today for a demonstration of our 3D software.